White Holes

SYV Fruit & Vegetable Rescue sprouted in November 2010. Our mission is simple. We redirect or "glean" local produce from farms, farmers markets, home gardens, and orchards and deliver it to charitable organizations and school lunch programs in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez and Santa Maria. All at no charge.

In so doing, we have helped these groups stretch their food budgets even as the food they serve is healthier and tastes better. School chefs have introduced new fruits and vegetables to children who also learn where and how this delicious food is grown. People of all ages have benefitted from the labor and skill of our local farmers. Our community has found a way to take better care of one another.

Another benefit to our program is lowering the carbon foot print by providing local organic fruits and vegetables that are not shipped in from thousands of miles away or even from the other side of the planet. We are also adding to the sustainability of our local farms by using more of what is grown and reducing excess food waste. A big thank you to our amazing farmers, gleaners, and supporters!

Board of Directors

Terry Delaney

Kellie Delaney

Amy Derryberry

Holly Delaney

Bethany Markee

Mary Monaghan

Monica Scafide

bob williams


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